Holland Export Monthly Articles for September 2016

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Frozen Dutch Ice Cream & Sorbets BV

Food and Beverage
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Frozen Dutch Ice Cream & Sorbets BV

Country: Netherlands

Phone Nr:0206366635


Frozen Dutch is the premium organic ice-cream brand of Holland. We sell 10 different ice- cream and sorbets in 125ml and 500ml cups and 3 different ice-cream on a stick.

We have tastes like caramel-seasalt, pure chocolat, vanilla/raspberry with a dutch cookie, yoghurt blue berry and coconut honey(no sugar added)etc.

We are IFS Higher level certified and ready to go worldwide. So we are looking for distrubitors in Europe and beyond.


Food and Beverage
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Company: ACUSHLA

Country: Portugal

Phone Nr: +351 912989812



Extra virgin olive oil manufacturer.

ACUSHLA is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, with a low acidity, which excels in quality and design, proven by numerous international awards (www.acushla.com/en/olive-oil-awards). We control the whole ACUSHLA process, from organic farming through processing and packaging, to marketing.

Extracted from a variety of native olive trees from Trás-os-Montes – Cobrançosa, Madural, Verdeal and Cordovil –, Acushla is considered a balanced olive oil, medium fruity with a slightly bitter and peppery finish. It presents a yellowish green colour.

Beyond the excellent texture and flavour, Acushla is recommendable from a nutritional point of view, and reveals in all its production stages a distinctive environmental concern. It is ideal to taste raw for dipping bread or drizzling over salads, as well as for finishing dishes and also as a healthy ingredient for cooking almost any dish.

Presently, ACUSHLA is the only Portuguese EVOO producer being a member of Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA), a non-profit trade association representing worldwide producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil (www.extravirginalliance.org).


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Company: Josenea

Country: Spain

Phone Nr: +34654269504

Product: Organic herbal teas and cosmetic BIO.


Josenea’s ADN is placed in “Bordablanca” fields in the heart of the Pyrenees (Spain), in a place of incomparable beauty called Lumbier. Here, we harvest in our organic fields more than 80 different kinds of organic and medicinal herbs/plants. Every process is made by hand; the harvest, drying and packing; because our purpose is to create jobs through the production of sustainable products.

Furthermore, the organic and medicinal plants we grow are certified by CPAEN and USDA approved. WE DO NOT USE FERTILIZERS OR PESTICIDES. All our products undergo rigorous quality controls meeting the highest standards available.