Akatherm International B.V.

Industrieterrein 11

5981NK, Panningen


Tel: 077 – 308 86 50

Akatherm produces a large number of automated molding machines, a growing volume of PE/PP fittings and accessories for both drainage and pressure applications.

Since its foundation in the early 60’s under the name Kumefa (Kunststof en Metaal Fabriek), Akatherm has always been a pioneer in PE/PP pipe systems that transformed the business model from prefabrication and installation through trading and subcontracted production to finally own manufacturing and marketing. In 1989 Aljo van Dijk (one of the sons of the founder of Dyka plastic pipe systems) established the present injection molding plant.

An international distribution network was developed with many partners companies.

These days company exports its products to Chez Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Australia, UAE and so on.