Ankerpoort NV

 Op de Bos 300

6223 EP, Maastricht


Tel: +31 (0)43 3663737

Ankerpoort NV was formed in 1993 by a merger between two Dutch companies, Ankersmit Holding (1938) in Maastricht and Jan de Poorter (1937) in Geertruidenberg. As suppliers of mineral raw materials, the two companies were, to a certain extent, active in the same markets. In addition to their global activities, Ankersmit focused on local markets and Jan de Poorter on European markets. Since the merger, Ankerpoort has concentrated on taking a leading position as supplier of selected mineral raw materials in both low and high technology markets.

Ankerpoort NV has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCR-Sibelco NV since July 1996.

Currently Ankerpoort is one of the most prominent European suppliers of mineral raw materials and semi-finished products for industrial applications: products which form the basis for glass, steel, ceramics, paints, plastics, cattle feeds, lime fertilizers, etc.

Each of Ankerpoort’s eight production companies is specialised in the processing of specific minerals, also known as ‘dedicated milling for each mineral’.