B FROG / Guatemala

Industry: Apparel. Clothing. Fashion. Handmade

B FROG — Cool, Unique and Casual South American Artisan Fashion that Generates Good Luck and Better Lives for People Living In Poverty

B FROG focuses on fusing style with tradition; trend with ancient design, and chic with ethnic.

B FROG strives to create fun, unique and fashionable apparel that displays the distinction and quality of handmade Mayan textiles, and the pride of craftsmanship in the men and women who make them, while improving the lives of impoverished families in South America at the same time.

Our style at B FROG is inspired by Mayan culture, which believes the frog is a symbol of luck.
For every piece of B FROG apparel purchased, we donate 15 meals to children in need.

B FROG’s Origins and Vision

Hi, we’re Christian and Steven Cremer. In 2012, we founded B FROG, a clothing and apparel company with a dual purpose: to combine distinct handmade textiles in unique ways to create a new stamp on quality, casual fashion — and to use a portion of the profits from every sale of our apparel to benefit the lives of children and families in need.
We were born in the midst of the Mayan culture in Guatemala (Central America). Growing up there, we were inspired by the vibrant colors of the Mayans and their desire to design and export clothes and accessories that incorporate their indigenous artistry. These textiles display the history of our Mayan ancestors in every thread.
We returned to Guatemala with our clothing ideas (after a long time away), and we began visiting small rural towns in search of the best artisans to create the unique fabrics we envisioned for our clothing designs. As we searched, we were moved by the overwhelming poverty that we witnessed. We knew that giving back had to be part of B FROG’s mission. Once we knew what we wanted, and needed, to do as a company, we set to work with our team (which we consider our second family).

B FROG’s Culture and Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

Our team is like a family.

Our number one priority is to serve our customers with quality products and excellent service by going the extra mile. We want to share a piece of our culture with the world through clothing that’s both unique and fun.

We work to provide fantastic products, and we want our customers to know that they are part of something much larger; they aren’t just buying unique, high quality one-of-a-kind clothing — they’re providing hope and opportunity for people currently living in poverty.

Our Larger Goal
As time has passed, we’ve expanded the business to include fabrics from all over the world; and as the business has grown, B FROG has become a means to provide much-needed meals directly to children in rural schools throughout Guatemala.
B FROG seeks to be recognized as a global brand, and we want to continue fighting malnutrition in different parts of the world. Many are unaware that Guatemala is a country with one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world. One of every two children under the age of six suffers from chronic malnutrition, making life expectancy very low.
But we can all do something to change that. As B FROG grows, we can do even more.
We believe that wearing B FROG means becoming a symbol of luck and hope for those in need. We hope you’ll be part of our mission.