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cosmetics and health-care products

“Krasota I Zdorovie, LTD” is one of the leaders in the parapharmaceuticals group. For seven years the company has gained a firm position in the cosmetic market, has acquired a good reputation as a reliable and a loyal business partner.

The company activities, its product range are aimed to provide comfort and care to our and foreign countries people.

On the basis of numerous surveys, company “Krasota I Zdorovie, LTD” is constantly expanding the range of products, adapting it to the tastes, preferences and needs of the customers.

Over 7 years of existence we have worked hard, performed numerous laboratory studies and trials, pursuing a common goal – to develop product of high quality and value for Ukrainian market. Thanks to our employees, high skilled professionals in pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, company “Krasota I Zdorovie, LTD” began to produce products under their own brand En `jee. En`jee products were designed for granting feeling of cleanness, giving pleasure, providing physical and emotional comfort.

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