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We are a producing company from Italy and looking for the wholesellers, agents or distributers worldwide.

We make our products with the brand Redavati, that specializes in men’s dress and casual shirts and accessories.
We offer high quality products of Italian style completely made in Italy at competitive prices.

Based in Milan, Redavati devolopes a range of ready-to-wear men shirts. The collection primarily features sartorial dress shirts, crafted almost by hand in Naples, the area known for its tradition of high quality tailoring skills. We use exclusively the high quality Italian cotton fabrics.
We have also launched recently a collection of finest women’s dress and casual shirts.
Redavati offers a range of accessories as well : silk and wool ties, silk, cashmere, cotton and linen scarves, wool and cashmere knitwear, nice leather belts, sartorial classic trousers and casual chinos.
All of these pieces are also exclusively crafted in Italy from the best Italian fabrics.
The shop and showroom are situated in Brera district, in the center of Milan.
We invite you to visit our website for more details :
We would be happy to meet with you at time /place of your convenience and present Redavati products and establish a fruitful collaboration.