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Engineering companies design, produce and assembling engineering products and equipment for different applications and industries.
Most of engineering companies produce their products on a project basis according to specific requirements of the clients.
In order to select the proper engineering company for specific project it is recommended to view the companies profiles and contact suitable engineering company for further negotiations.
Here is the list of the most reliable engineering companies:

Materiaal Metingen Europe BV

Materiaal Metingen Europe BV Rietdekkerstraat 16 Postc/plaats: 2984 BM, Ridderkerk Web: Tel: +31 (0)180 482 828 The MME produces anodes for corrosion protection for offshore platforms, undersea pipelines, lock gates etc.

Merwede Springs BV

Merwede Springs BV  Molensteijn 17 Postc/plaats: 3454 PT, De Meern Web: Tel: T. +31 30 6664666 Merwede Springs is a leading manufacturer of springs, and has trade relations with 35 countries. Merwede Springs also develops and manufactures machinery for … Continue reading →

Naaykens’ Luchttechnische Apparatenbouw BV

Naaykens’ Luchttechnische Apparatenbouw BV Lovense Kanaaldijk 61 Postc/plaats: 5013 BJ Tilburg Web: Tel: 013 – 542 50 02 The company involved in production and supply of industrial components like fans, filter housing and ducting, as well as complete solutions … Continue reading →

Ned-Deck Marine

Ned-Deck Marine Ambachtsweg 10 Postc/plaats: 3771 MG, Barneveld Web: Tel: +31 (0)342 422 105 Ned-Deck Marine is an innovative manufacturer of life-saving appliances, RHIB catch systems and deck cranes. In recent years NDM has become one of the leading … Continue reading →

New Thex Ned BV

New Thex Ned BV Molenraai 11 Postc/plaats: 9611TH, Sappemeer Web: Tel: +31 (0)598 361 660 Newthex is a supplier of maritime doors, hatches and elevators. Newthex products are usually supplied to mega yachts, naval ships, merchant ships, offshore vessels … Continue reading → 

Nordson Benelux BV

Nordson Benelux BV Bergerstraat 10 Postc/plaats: 6226 BD, Maastricht Web: Tel: +31 43 3526070 Nordson is the leader in supplying precision dispensing equipment for applying industrial liquid and powder coatings, adhesives, and sealants to numerous products during manufacturing operations.

Numatic International BV

Numatic International BV Vennootsweg 15 Postc/plaats: 2404 CG Alphen aan den Rijn, Web: Tel: +31 (0)172 467999 Numatic is a supplier of professional vacuum cleaner systems from small vacuums to industrial dry and wet vacuums, extraction machines.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V. Moerkapelse Zijde 32 Postc/plaats: 2751 DL, MOERKAPELLE Web: Tel: +31 (0)79 593 22 21 Ottevanger Milling Engineers is one of the leading European companies in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plants for … Continue reading →


PELICAN WORLDWIDE Nijverheidsweg 5 Postc/plaats: 3274 KJ, Heinenoord Web: Tel: +31 186 656 230 Pelican Worldwide is a leader in manufacturing and providing valves, utilities and sealing solutions for the tank manufacturers and all markets that store, process and … Continue reading →

Prokal Stoomtechniek B.V.

Prokal Stoomtechniek B.V. Kwadijkerkoogweg 2 Postc/plaats: 1442 LA, Purmerend Web: Tel: 0299-427751 Prokal is a manufacturer of industrial boiler and steam systems. The company supplies industrial clients in Europe and Overseas.

Rotodyne Ventilatoren BV

Rotodyne Ventilatoren BV KEIZERSVELD 14 Rapportda Postc/plaats: 5800 AB, VENRAY Web: Tel: +31 (0)478 559 955 Rotodyne is a designer and manufacturer of custom fans for specific applications and is supplier to a wide range of industrial branches. Examples … Continue reading →

SAS Gouda BV

SAS Gouda BV Tielweg 1 Postc/plaats: 2803 PK, Gouda Web: Tel: +31 182 538 800 SAS is established in 1896 and is a privately owned company specialized in designing and manufacturing deck equipment for the offshore oil and gas … Continue reading →

Scott Specialty Gases Netherlands BV

Scott Specialty Gases Netherlands BV Takkebijsters 46-48 Postc/plaats: 4817 BL, Breda Web: Tel: 0765711828 The company uses original, unique Scott technology to produce high-performance specialty gases. As part of the worldwide Air Liquide Group, they supply diversity of products … Continue reading →

Sonoco Plastics B.V.

Sonoco Plastics B.V. Veilingweg 24 Postc/plaats: 2651 BE, Berkel en Rodenrijs Web: Tel: +31 010 455 43 44 For more than a half century, Sonoco Plastics is a manufacturer of injection molded and assembled precision parts with 10 facilities … Continue reading →

Technisch Bureau Plettenburg BV

Technisch Bureau Plettenburg BV Bedrijvenstraat 3 Postc/plaats: 7641 AM, Wierden Web: Tel: 0546 57 21 83 Plettenburg Technisch Bureau BV For more than 30 years engaged in supplying of equipment for plastics and food processing industries. Through a project-based … Continue reading →

Visser International Trade & Engineering B.V.

Visser International Trade & Engineering B.V. Mijlweg 18 Postc/plaats: 3295 KH ‘s-Gravendeel Web: Tel: +31 (0) 78 673 9800 Visser International Trade & Engineering B.V. designs and manufactures machines and complete production lines for large and small horticultural nurseries. … Continue reading →

De Haan Metaaltechniek B.V.

De Haan Metaaltechniek B.V. Amersfoortsestraat 68B Postc/plaats: 3769 ZG, Soesterberg Web: Tel: 0346-333302 Started 75 years ago as a wagonbuilder, then grew as a coachwork builder; and around 35 years ago specialized in mudguards for trucks. Now making mudguards, … Continue reading →

Difco – Van der Ploeg International BV

Difco – Van der Ploeg International BV Europaplein 30 Postc/plaats: 8916 HH, Leeuwarden Web: Tel: 0582154288 The activities of the company divided by two sectors: cattle-export, and supply of farm and dairy equipment and processing machinery. They also extend … Continue reading →

Discom BV

Discom BV Staalindustrieweg 5 Postc/plaats: 2952 AT, Alblasserdam Web: Tel: 078-6810960 Discom BV is a producer of Exhaust systems. Discom is a specialist in three key markets: the maritime sector, the energy sector and the industrial sector, in which … Continue reading →

Douw Metal Construction

Douw Metal Construction Blaaksedijk West 1 Postc/plaats: 3274 LD, Heinenoord Web: Tel: +31(0)186-601611 Douw Metal Construction company has been established in Heinenoord Holland in 1965 and since then has become a known player in the manufacturing and supply of … Continue reading →

Duvalco B.V.

Duvalco B.V. Planckstraat 43 Postc/plaats: 3316 GS Dordrecht Web: Tel: 78 6545 250 Duvalco was established in 1956 in the Netherlands and provides solutions in valve engineering and production. The company has regional offices in the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, … Continue reading →

G.J. Wortelboer Jr. B.V.

G.J. Wortelboer Jr. B.V. Quarantaineweg 5 Postc/plaats: 3089 KP, Rotterdam Web: Tel: +31 (0)10 429 22 22 The company specialized in supply of anchors and chaincables, in all sizes and diameters for container vessels, tankers, RO-RO carriers, yachts and … Continue reading →

Holland Lift International B.V.

Holland Lift International B.V Anodeweg 1  1627 LJ Hoorn Web: Tel: 229 28 55 55 Holland Lift has been established in 1984. Since the beginning the company focuses entirely on manufacturing scissor lifts. The scissor lifts are made in … Continue reading →

Eekels Pompen BV

Eekels Pompen BV Koopliedenweg 25  2991LN, Barendrecht Web: Tel: +31 (0) 180 69 69 69 Eekels Pompen’s history goes back to 1914, when A.F. Eekels founded his Technisch Bureau en Machinehandel (technical consultancy and machines trading company) A.F. Eekels … Continue reading →

Elma BV

Elma BV Sterrenbergweg 50 3769 BT, Soesterberg Web: Tel: +31(0)346-356060 ELMA began some seventy years ago as a repairer of all types of motors and generators. Over the years, ELMA has grown into a sizeable company with three departments: … Continue reading →

Enalco BV

Enalco BV Honderdland 305 2676 LV Maasdijk Web: Tel: +31 (0)174 510 155 The company produces advanced exhaust systems for horticulture industry. Products range: flue gas coolers and condensers, silencer and chimneys, heat exchangers. Export: France, Spain, UK, Russia, … Continue reading →

Cofely Refrigeration BV

Cofely Refrigeration BV Industrieweg 1 2712LA, Zoetermeer Web: Tel: 079 346 2754 Cofely is specializing in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining industrial equipment for oil, gas, chemicals, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Akapp-Stemmann BV

Akapp-Stemmann BV Nijverheidsweg 14 3771 ME, Barneveld Tel: +31 342 403900 Akapp-Stemmann BV provides mobile power supply solutions such as conductor bar systems, cable reels, drag chains and festoon systems. The company has distributors in: Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Chez … Continue reading →

Alfa Laval Aalborg BV

Alfa Laval Aalborg BV St. Hubertusstraat 10 6531 LB, Nijmegen Web: Tel: +31 24 35 23 100 Alfa Laval is a world leader in sectors of heat transfer equipment, centrifugal separation and fluid handling. It adds market-leading positions with … Continue reading →

ALT Technologies BV

ALT Technologies BV St. Laurensdreef 40 3565AK, Utrecht Web: Tel: +31 (0)30 263 22 00 ALT Technologies BV specialization is automotive safety solutions. They supply products and equipment for the automotive safety sector. They also manufacture high-specification safety labeling … Continue reading →

Altisol Isolatie BV

Altisol Isolatie BV Grote Waard 22 2675 BX Honselersdijk Web: Tel: 0174 – 639595 Altisol Insulation is an insulation company in the agricultural sector and has a big profile in utility insulation, industrial insulation and fire protection materials. The … Continue reading →

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