Flower Wholesalers

Flower Wholesalers

Flower Wholesalers: Definition, Companies profiles and contact details. All information about flowers wholesalers.

Flowers wholesalers are companies that sale and export fresh flowers and plants on a wholesale basis.

Dutch flowers wholesalers supply customers around the world daily, using sophisticated logistics services. Usually fresh flowers can be delivered to any point of the globe within few hours.

All flowers are certified according to required standards and criteria.

Traditionally the Netherlands known as a wholesale world trade center and auction for international trade of flowers.

Here is the list of qualified reputable flowers wholesalers:

Ed de Groot BV

Flowers Wholesaler

Ed de Groot BV Jupiter 170 2675 LV Honselersdijk http://www.bloemenexport.nl/ +31 (0)174-628816 ED DE GROOT BV is a dynamic and international operating purchaser, importer and exporter of flowers with high standards in terms of purchase quality, client communication, packaging and … Continue reading →

Hamifleurs B.V.

Flowers Wholesaler

Hamifleurs B.V. Jupiter 303 2675 LW Honselersdijk Nederland http://www.hamifleurs.nl T: +31 (0) 174 63 99 99 Hamifleurs is one of the largest cut flower exporters in the Netherlands and operates from the Trade Parc Westland in Honselersdijk, located next to … Continue reading →

Heemskerk Flowers

Flowers Wholesaler

Heemskerk Flowers Laan van Verhof 65 2230 AE Rijnsburg Nederland http://www.heemskerkflowers.com Tel +31 71-4098100 Heemskerk Flowers is one of the leading flower and plant exporters in the Netherlands. We are MPS Florimark and ISO 9001:2000 accredited, which means we can … Continue reading →

Hilverda De Boer BV

Flowers Wholesaler

Hilverda De Boer BV Streetaddress Cotoneaster 12 1424 LB De Kwakel  The Netherlands www.hilverdadeboer.nl T +31-297-332500   Hilverda De Boer in Aalsmeer sells cut flowers to wholesalers and florists in  Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Our 220 employees ensure that every year … Continue reading →

Holex Flower BV

Flowers Wholesaler

Holex Flower BV Betula 61 1424 LH De Kwakel The Netherlands http://www.holex.com T. +31 (0)297 381 050 Holex Flower BV was founded in 1982 and is located at the VBA south-complex of the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer. Holex is one … Continue reading →

Lowlands Flowerexport B.V.

Flowers Wholesaler

Lowlands Flowerexport B.V. Middelbroekweg 29 Naaldwijk Street 1, Location 1202 (Flowerauction Flora Holland) http://www.lowlandsflowerexport.nl/ Tel + 31- (0)174 639100 We supply top quality flowers for over a decade. We are present at all flower auctions in Holland (VBA Aalsmeer, Flora … Continue reading →

Marc Boers Flower Export BV

Flowers Wholesaler

Marc Boers Flower Export BV Bakhuisduintjes 4 1865 BS  Bergen aan Zee The Netherlands http://www.marcboersflowerexport.com Phone: +31.653.297.351 Exporter of cut flowers and plants. Marc Boers Flower Export  B.V is a member of the Dutch exporters association. The company usually takes your … Continue reading →

OZ Export BV

Flowers Wholesaler

OZ Export BV Betula 55 1424 LH  De Kwakel Netherlands http://www.ozexport.nl/ Tel  +31 (0)297 356 100 OZ Export is one of the larger flower exporters in the world, and is a subsidiary of the Dutch Flower Group (DFG). Our company … Continue reading →

Premier & Blenheim (P&B)

Flowers Wholesaler

Premier & Blenheim (P&B) Magnolia 1  (VBA Zuid) 1424 LA  DE KWAKEL The Netherlands www.premierenblenheim.nl Phone: +31 (0)297 389 389 With a focus on fresh cut flowers P&B’s main goal is to strengthen our customer’s market position and enhancing their … Continue reading →

Tonnie Nieuwkoop

Flowers Wholesaler

Tonnie Nieuwkoop Import & Export Flowers and Plants Naaldwijk Holland http://www.tnieuwkoopflowers.nl/ Tel 0031 174 610 220 Since 1981 we have been exporting our products all over the world; from countries within the European Community to countries as far as the … Continue reading →

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