Rock Your Hair

United States

Phone Nr:310-330-6356

Industry: Health and Beauty

Rock Your Hair is a hot new professional styling line that is flying off both salon and retail shelves in the US. Our signature pink and crystal packaging is a magnet for girls and women everywhere and products that deliver BIG results keep them coming back for more.

Rock Your Hair has just started to expand internationally and the territories are rapidly being assigned with multiple distributors and retailers vying for the line in many countries.

Based in Malibu, California Rock Your Hair is the creation of LA celebrity stylist Michael O’Rourke. Michael is an industry icon with a long track record of success in the beauty industry having created both Sexy Hair Concepts and Carlton Salons.

For more information on how to ROCK YOUR PROFITS and become a Rock Your Hair Distributor or Retailer, please visit our website at and contact us at or contact our office at (310) 330-6356.