Machinery Manufacturers

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Machinery manufacturers produce a wide range of machinery for all industries applications. Most machinery produced according to specific industrial requirements and customers needs.
The produced machinery may wary from a small simple production unit to a complete automated factory.
In order to discuss machinery specifications it is recommended to contact manufacturers directly.
Therefore here is the list of qualified manufacturers of different machinery and equipment:

LTC International BV

LTC International BV Ketelweg 26 Postc/plaats: 3356 LE Papendrecht Web: Tel: +31 78 641 80 50 Since 1985, LTC International BV manufactures, sells, out rents and services Vacuum Blasting Machines, auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Nootenboom Machinefabriek B.V.

Nootenboom Machinefabriek B.V. Ambachtsstraat 17 Postc/plaats: 3176 PR, Poortugaal Web: Tel: 010 5015502 Nootenboom is specializing in manufacturing and engineering of special machines and machine parts since 1948. The company is focused on machines for the steel industry. Handling … Continue reading →

Peulen B.V.

Peulen B.V. Nikkelstraat 21A Postc/plaats: 3067GR, Rotterdam Web: Tel: +31 (0)10-2822111 Peulen B.V. is a supplier of machinery and equipment for woodworking, metal and plastic industries since 1948. Additionally supply spare parts. 

Slootweg Machinefabriek B.V. 

Slootweg Machinefabriek B.V. J.C. Beetslaan 167 Postc/plaats: 2131AL Hoofddorp Web: Tel: (0)23 5689070 Slootweg Machinefabriek B.V. is a manufacturer and global supplier of complete computer-controlled mixing and screening equipment, crushers, mills and industrial packaging systems.

Telubo Industrial Automation BV

Telubo Industrial Automation BV James Wattstraat 25 Postc/plaats: 1817DC Alkmaar Web: Tel: 072 57 18 083 Telubo is a supplier of industrial automation machinery and equipment.

Doornbos Equipment BV

Doornbos Equipment BV  Breevaartstraat 12 Postc/plaats: 3044 AH, Rotterdam Web: Tel: +31 (0)10 85 08 002 Doornbos Equipment sells work platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, cranes, high-pressure pumps and vacuum units for many years now. With more than 2,000 machines … Continue reading →

Huisman Equipment BV

Huisman Equipment BV Admiraal Trompstraat 2 Postc/plaats: 3115 HH , Schiedam Web: Tel: (0)10 245 22 22 Huisman is a privately owned company operating globally with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s … Continue reading →


LIEVERS HOLLAND Groot Mijdrechtstraat 68 Postc/plaats: 3641RW Mijdrecht Tel: (0)297-231900 For more than 50 years LIEVERS HOLLAND has been leading international specialist in the area of supplying machinery and equipment for working, processing and finishing of freshly poured concrete. … Continue reading →

Het Stempel BV

Het Stempel BV Fruiteniersstraat 18 Postc/plaats: 3334 KA, Zwijndrecht Web: Tel: (0)78 610 40 55 Het Stempel specializes in building machine and equipment for the medical, pharmaceutical, dairy and food industry. This including fusion units, dosing units, heat exchangers, … Continue reading →

Bosch Packaging Technology BV

Bosch Packaging Technology BV Conradstraat 4  3125 BC, Schiedam Tel: 0104885743 Bosch Packaging Technology BV is a well known international producer of the packaging machinery and equipment for the food industry.

Akatherm International B.V.

Akatherm International B.V. Industrieterrein 11 5981NK, Panningen Tel: 077 – 308 86 50 Akatherm produces a large number of automated molding machines, a growing volume of PE/PP fittings and accessories for both drainage and pressure applications. Since its foundation … Continue reading →

Ammeraal Beltech B.V.

Ammeraal Beltech B.V. Handelsstraat 1 1700 AA, Heerhugowaard Web: Tel: +31 (0)72 575 12 12 Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in production of conveyor belting equipment. The Group Head Office is based in the Netherlands, and … Continue reading →

Antonius Vesselheads BV

Antonius Vesselheads BV  S. Houbenweg 1 6051 AL, Maasbracht Web: Tel: +31 (0)475 439 000 ANTONIUS is a company, manufacturer of dished heads ( mostly for tanks ) with 70 years of industrial experience. ANTONIUS was founded in 1937. … Continue reading →

AV Flexologic BV

AV Flexologic BV H. Kamerlingh Onnesweg 2 2408AW, Alphen aan den Rijn Web: Tel: (0)172 – 434221 AV Flexologic is a supplier of wide range of printing machines with over 40 years of experience. The company has branches in … Continue reading →

Bewo Cutting Systems

Bewo Cutting Systems BV De Kroonstraat 15 5048 AP, Tilburg Web: Tel: +31 (0)13-4676915 Bewo produces tube cutting machinery and automatic sawing lines for more than 70 years. Now company exports its equipment world-wide, and has partners in USA, … Continue reading →

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